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Eyelash Extensions Course

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Classic and Pre-Made Volume Lash Extensions Course

Learn to give your clients a range of beautiful lashes; from Classic to Volume and everything in between, without the need to learn the Russian Volume method of hand making lash fans! An exciting career in the lash industry awaits with this course. Designed for those who are keen to become an eyelash technician, this course is your gateway to mastering the art of Classic and a variety of pre-made lashes. With one-to-one training, you will learn to apply Classics, YY, Clover and Pre-Made Volume and understand how to create stunning lash sets.

 Why Choose Our Course?

  • Dual Skill Mastery: Dive deep into the world of eyelash extensions, mastering both Classic and Volume techniques using the latest lashes on the market

  • Comprehensive Theory: Learn in the comfort of your own home, everything an eyelash technician needs to know and watch the videos to help prepare you for ,the practical training.

  •  Learn from the Best: Train under expert guidance from Amy, a distinguished lash artist and salon owner, renowned for her expertise and innovative teaching methods.

 Comprehensive Course Content

This course is expertly structured, covering every aspect necessary to excel in the lash industry;

  • Anatomy & Physiology of the Eye: Understand the foundation for safe and effective lash application.

  • Lash Growth Cycle & Health: Learn the cycles and how they impact lash extensions.

  • Hands-On Techniques: Grasp perfect lash pick up and placement, our course offers step-by-step guidance.

Meet Your Mentor: Amy

Amy brings to the table years of experience, both as a highly skilled lash artist and a successful salon owner and trainer. Recognised for her innovative techniques and dedication to student success, Amy’s guidance is not just about learning; it’s about transforming passion into a rewarding career.

Hear From Our Successful Graduates

Our former students have gone on to establish thriving businesses, attributing their success to the solid foundation and ongoing support our course offers. Check out their stories and see the real impact of our training.

'My training experience with Amy at Glow Beauty was amazing! The training that Amy provides is thorough, detailed and informative. I can't thank Amy enough for all of the advice and support she has given me. I myself look forward to doing more courses with Amy in the future' Linsie - Cotswold Lashes

Course Features:

  • Interactive Learning: Engage with both theoretical and practical lessons to fully grasp every technique and concept.

  • Quality Resources: Access an extensive range of premium tools and products needed for lash application.

  • Aftercare & Support: Our commitment extends beyond the classroom, offering advice and support as you embark on your career journey.

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Price: £475 (In-Salon)

Entry Requirement: None 

Kit: Included

Model/Mannequin (if model this must be arranged by student)

Case Studies: Required 

Certificates: Glow Beauty Training in Classic & Pre-Made Volume Eyelash Extensions

Support: Ongoing support from Glow Beauty Training

Breakdown of The Course Content

  • Anatomy and Physiology: This module covers the essential anatomy and physiology of the eye and surrounding areas critical for safe and effective lash application. Students will learn about eye health, skin structure, and how these factors influence lash extension placement and client comfort.

  • Lash Growth Cycle: Understanding the natural lash growth cycle is vital for applying extensions in a way that promotes natural lash health and longevity of the extensions. This section teaches the phases of lash growth and how to tailor extensions to each phase.

  • Patch Testing:  Safety first. This crucial step ensures clients do not experience adverse reactions to the materials used. The course will cover how to perform patch tests correctly, interpreting results, and the necessary follow-up actions.

  • Contra-indications: Identifying conditions that may prevent or restrict lash extension application is key to professional practice. This part of the course discusses common contra-indications, managing client expectations, and how to proceed safely.

  • Consultation Forms: The foundation of client management. Learn to gather relevant client information, understand their expectations, and plan the lash application process accordingly, ensuring client satisfaction and safety.

  • Eyelash Extensions (types/styles): Dive into the various types and styles of lash extensions, from synthetic to mink, and the different effects they create, such as natural, glamorous, or volume looks. This knowledge enables customisation for each client's unique needs.

  • Lash Mapping/Designs: This section teaches the art and science behind designing lash maps that complement different eye shapes and facial features, ensuring a personalised and flattering look for each client.

  • Eyelash Extension Procedure: Master the fundamentals of applying individual lash extensions to enhance length, curl, and volume naturally. This module includes step-by-step techniques, tips for precision, and efficiency in application.

  • Infilling Procedure: Learn the process of maintaining lash extensions, including timing, removing outgrown lashes, and adding new extensions to keep the lashes looking full and beautiful.

  • Removal of Lash Extensions: Gain expertise in safely and gently removing lash extensions without damaging natural lashes, an essential skill for correcting or updating lash styles.

  • Products/Tools/Equipment Required: Get to know the tools of the trade, from tweezers to adhesives, and how to select the best products for various applications. This knowledge ensures high-quality results and client satisfaction.

  • Aftercare Advice: Equip your clients with the knowledge to maintain their lash extensions, including cleansing routines, makeup application, and avoiding activities that may shorten the lifespan of their lashes.

  • Health & Safety: Prioritise the wellbeing of both the lash artist and the client by adhering to health and safety guidelines, including sanitation practices, workspace setup, and ergonomic techniques to prevent injury.

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