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The amalian® skin care range is highly effective. Composed of natural ingredients, which contain a deep acting hyaluronic acid.

amalian® skin care has unique characteristics based on a novel formula with an innovative complex of lecithin and hyaluronic acid. The phospholipids of the lecithin serve as a gliding aid to carry the hyaluronic acid to deeper skin layers, where the biological activity of hyaluronic acid can take effect: high moisture binding capacity, stimulation of endogenous collagen, binding of harmful free radicals and stimulation of wound healing.

amalian® skin care products are characterised by rapid and deep penetration into the skin. The products do not contain such ingredients as silicone oils (“Dimethicone”) or paraffin oils and are therefore not hindered by an oily layer, which prevent deep effectiveness. After only a few days’ use, the skin feels smoother, younger and more elastic. Fine lines and wrinkles disappear and deep folds are visibly reduced.

amalian® skin care products do not contain any allergic components such as parabens or artificial fragrances and are exclusively made of natural ingredients. Therefore, the amalian® skin care range is suitable for highly sensitive, allergy prone skin. Due to the high efficiency, amalian® skin care products can be applied sparingly.